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Mammut Clothing and Gear


By. Marcia Jeffries




The Mammut Clothing and Gear Collection will fulfill and complete your adventure and exploration desires. Having the desire and taking the challenge to weather nature and enjoy the stunning views that our world has to offer requires preparation, protection and the excitement of achievement. In order to succeed with confidence, safety and determination – The Mammut Collection will outfit your expedition – offering you an experience of a lifetime.


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The feeling of high energy and extreme exhilaration is breath taking, expand your horizons by creating an adventure that is personal to you and works within your comfort zone. Mammut products are the perfect companion for high-alpine environments. Whether, on snow, rock, ice or climbing the side of a mountain, whatever the terrain brings on – you will be prepared, Mammut supports you with the right equipment. Mammut has extended its commitment beyond the pure product level to encompass a great look of design, creativity and originality that looks amazing on as each piece becomes personal to you.


Mammut products are extremely reliable. The superior performance and quality of their products reach out to professional athletes who depend on the most trustworthy equipment they can get. Mammut equipment can handle the toughest conditions on the highest level with perfection as their products are used and reviewed with positive feedback.


Mammut Men's Clothing Mammut Women's Clothing
Mammut Men's Clothing Mammut Women's Clothing


Mammut continues to innovate and pioneer new designs and materials, staying on top of their game to the highest of standards. Every detail is designed to provide pure function and extreme performance with the commitment to your safety. Mammut is intense as it complies with all your outdoor adventures and makes a sleek, great-look statement in style and fit.



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