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Back in 1961 two brothers, Bill and Don Kirschner started experimenting with fiberglass technology that would eventually lead to skis that were lighter and livelier than those made by their competitors. It was then that K2 Skis was born. The rest is as they say, History. Since that day, K2 has continually been on the forefront of technology pushing the envelope each year. And in 1971 a little film called The Performers opened with, “They have the worlds greatest job…they ski”. And the freestyle revolution was born. Over the Years K2 Skis has also employed some of the best talent to play in the mountains. Some pros have included Sean Pettit, Andy Mahre, Seth Morrison and Pep Fujas of which 3 have their own signature ski model. K2 designs, builds and tests skis with direct input from their team of talented skiers so you know their products can handle anything you can throw at them. 2012 marks K2’s 50th anniversary and this iconic American ski company has pulled out all the stops. To mark this special occasion, K2 Sports has published a book documenting important milestones as the company grew into a powerhouse ski manufacturer. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, K2 Skis has released many special edition skis with special graphics. Some of the special edition skis are:

Sidestash 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Skis
50th Anniversary Recoil Competition
50th Anniversary SuperFree Womens Skis with Marker ER3 Bindings
A.M.P. Impact 50th Anniversary Edition 5500 with Marker MX 11.0 TC Bindings

Each of these 50th Anniversary Skis offered by K2 is available at K2 Skis has been around for 50 years and with the way things are going, will be around for at least another 50. With a great product lineup, accessories and talented pros, K2 is going to bring it for years to come, and you can get all the great gear, right here at!


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