It’s an OkiDoki Ride for the TokiDoki!


March 10th, 2008



There’s been some time spent on previous blogs talking about the “new-fangled” convenience bindings. Whether they’re the future of snowboard bindings remains to be seen, but traditional-style bindings are still as popular as they’ve ever been. That being said, we bring to you the latest traditional binding from Ride.


Coming to a snowboard shop near you you will find the new Ride TokiDoki bindings. Ride has partnered with Japanese lifestyle-brand Ride & Toki DokiTokiDoki to offer a uniquely stylish snowboard binding that provides all of the performance you’d expect out of a traditional two-strap binding but with a style that’s all their own. The TokiDoki has a typical ratchet system with toe and heel straps; however, the toe strap is a composed of a rubber material in a webbed format that attaches to your foot in a spider web fashion. Additionally, the TokiDoki has rubber grips on the base of the binding that further enhance the binding’s ability to restrict movement.


I had the opportunity to test these bindings at two separate testing events and was amazed at how comfortable and secure I felt on the TokiDoki. There was no movement whatsoever while strapped in and cruising down the mountain. As someone who hates ratcheting their foot into a binding (the reason I own a pair of Flow bindings), I found the ratchet system of the TokiDoki to be extremely easy to use and to get in-and-out of. For the rider who is looking for a traditional two-strap binding with a touch of flare and style, I highly recommend the TokiDoki. It may just be my next new binding as the TokiDoki is a sure-fire hit!




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