Daron Rahlves Crashes At The X Games Ski Cross Quarterfinals


By Steve Kopitz




It was a scary moment when the US Skier Daron rahlves went down hard in the Ski Cross Quarterfinal during the 2010 Winter X Games. Rahlves was attempting  to pass a competitor in the courses very difficult rhythm section when he went down hard. After being down for what seemed like an eternity for worried onlookers  Rahlves was taken off the course in a sled where he was immediately transferred to Aspen Valley Hospital. Initial reports indicated Rahlves had suffered a dislocated hip and potential concussion.


Daron Rahlves Action Shot


Daron Rahlves had made the switch to ski cross a few years ago and is one of Americas top contenders for a medal when the event comes to the Olympics this February.  Daron Rahlves family stated this is the fourth time that he has dislocated that hip. Good news is that Rahlves was said to have been up and bearing weight within a couple of hours of the accident. Rahlves was released from the hospital late Sunday and it is still hopeful we will see him compete in Whistler. From all of us at skis.com we hope Daren Rahlves a speedy recovery and a gold filled future!


See the footage from the wreck and get more information here: ESPN X Games


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