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Bogner ski jackets lead the outerwear companies in sport and fashion. Bogner has stayed true to their ideal of having passion for sport and fashion for over 75 years which is evident in every stitch and detail in their jackets. A distinct passion leads to a unique style and Bogner ski jackets really capture this and forms it into the great jackets and outerwear you see today.

Bogner - Catwalk to cat track

Worthy of a catwalk Bogner ski jackets are high fashion and as they could be at home in a fashion show, Willy Bogner showcases the collection 3000 meters above sea level on the slopes as it's intended. The styles and prints on Bogner jackets look great at the apres ski functions but something about the powdery white backdrop of a mountain that really make these jackets pop with unique style.

Bogner ski jackets offer a great look and are fashion forward but how are they for skiing, the answer, they are great. Not to just be a pretty face Bogner ensures that their jackets offer warmth and performance while skiing. With fully taped seams you get incredible warmth and waterproofness so you can ski all day looking good and feeling great. To keep form with the industry standard Bogner ski jackets offer ample pockets so you have places to put all your stuff while skiing. Durability is not questioned as Bogner ski jackets come accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

Keeping warm and comfortable with Bogner

To keep you completely comfortable while skiing Bogner ski jackets offer a highly waterproof, breathable and techno stretch fabric that offers a great fit and function. This means you will be warm and dry while remaining extremely comfortable. The stretch fabric gives a nice formed fit while offering the ability to move and ski with no issue. You will also be able to cinch up your Bogner jacket with adjustable wrist closures and adjustable elastic drawstring waist which will keep the warm in while keeping the snow from sneaking in. To make sure your hands are as warm and dry as possible you will also find wrist gaiters which offer thumbholes to wear under your gloves or mittens.

Durability and safety from Bogner ski wear

With skiing you tend to be a bit harder on your equipment so Bogner puts extra emphasis on keeping their ski gear the most durable. You also will find unique features to keep you safe while on the slopes. For durability you will find Kevlar scuff guards on high wear areas of Bogner ski wear like the shoulders on jackets and on the bottoms of their ski pants where the boots may rub. For safety, on top of offering great warmth, Bogner ski gear offers reflective material making it easier to be seen while on the slopes.

Bogner has made it their mission to provide ski jackets that not only meet the high expectations of skiers but blow past them with fashion, function and overall skiability. If the drab style associated with most ski jackets makes you uneasy don't worry, Bogner ski jackets are here to save the day.