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Apex MC-X Ski Boots 2017

Apex MC-X Ski Boots 2017, Black-Yellow, 600
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Width: Wide - boot width of 104-106mm; beginner to expert skier

Wide - boot width of 104-106mm; beginner to expert skier

Instep Height: Medium - instep circumference approx. 1/3-1/2 length of foot

Medium - instep circumference approx. 1/3-1/2 length of foot

Calf Volume: Medium - neither standard nor high volume leg shape

Medium - neither standard nor high volume leg shape

Flex: Stiff - ideal for true intermediate to expert level skiers

Stiff - ideal for true intermediate to expert level skiers


The Apex MC-X is a big mountain, hard charging performance boot that will deliver the comfort you have always wanted in a ski boot. The Soft Inner Boot Consists of an EVA Heat Moldable Inner Liner that has the ability to be customized for your foot, with Thinsulate that feels very warm on the coldest days. The Dual Boa Closure provides a snug and secure wrap around your foot. The MC-X Utilizes Vibrim IceTrek Outsoles so you can walk sure-footed on the slipperiest conditions. The Open Chassis has all of the same adjustments of a high-performance traditional hard-shell boot with an Adjustable Flex Arm that gets your forward lean dialed in perfectly. A Tri-Level Flex Rating gives you the ability to fine tune the flex from 105, to 115, and up to 125. Micro and Macro Adjustable Buckles add extra adjustments so your feet will be feeling perfect on the slopes.

Apex Ski Boots bring total comfort and performance unlike any ski boot manufacture ever has. The Inner Boot is soft, easy to walk in, and extremely comfortable by having the ability to be heat molded to your foot. The outer boot is designed to give you lateral stiffness and control over your skis, all wrapped up into one neat package.

  • Vibram IceTrek Outsole
  • Dual BOA Closure
  • 18 Points of Closure
  • Adjustable Flex 105/115/125
  • EVA Heat Moldable Liner with Thinsulate
  • Liner Speed Laces
  • External Tongue Construction
  • Micro and Macro Adjustable Buckles

Skill Range: AdvancedIntermediate-Expert


Ski Gear Intended Use All Mountain Forefoot Width 105mm Actual Flex 115
Flex Adjustment Yes Buckle Count 2 Cuff Alignment Single
Ski/Walk No Warranty One Year Used No
Skill Range AdvancedIntermediate-Expert Model Year 2017 Model Number MC-X 250
Product ID 459179      
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From : Wasatch Front, Utah
Date :
The best boot in over 60 years!
First off, my first ski season was 1953-54. I’ve seen and experienced every innovation in ski boot design from leather lace-ups, leather buckle-ups, plastic shelled boots, various rear-entry styles, etc. I’m willing to say that Apex ski boots probably represent the most radical rethinking of ski boot design since the 1970s rear-entry boots.

40 years ago I worked in the winter sports industry in both specialty retail ski shops and for an Austrian ski and boot manufacturer. I have personally fit hundreds, perhaps over a thousand pair of ski boots, a large percentage of them requiring significant custom fitting.

I was in the market for new boots because I had pretty much thrashed a pair of 17-year-old four-buckle, conventional boots.

Performance notes—

Circumstances made it possible for me to ski both the Apex XP and Apex MC-X. I ski at Snowbasin, Utah, which is 30 minutes from my home. When I skied the Apex XPs it was the first clear day after two weeks of almost daily snow. The skis were an old pair of 185 cm, very damp, smooth riding steel skis. The terrain was mixed, some intermediate groomers, a stretch of Grizzly, the 2002 Men’s Olympic Downhill race course, and some chopped up powder. I have to admit being astonished at how snappy those old boards skied. The Apex XP boots made them feel like they a totally different ski. All that to say, the Apex XPs drove the skis wonderfully well, giving me the best ride I ever had on them. The lean on the boot frame was set all the way forward. I sometimes like to “stand up” and cruise on a flat ski. ‘Wasn’t happening with the frame set up firm and forward.

I’m 70 years old and decided I didn’t need a boot as aggressive as the Apex XP, so I purchased the Apex MC-X. There is a striking difference in the two boots, the XP obviously being more high performance. I’ve put in several days and over 75,000 vertical feet in varied terrain and snow conditions from powder, groomers, crud, and spring “mashed potatoes” on the MC-X boots. They handled all skiing situations with no disappointments. I was sufficiently confident in their performance that I used them for an unwise high-speed, ski-my-age-in-mph run. I can also relax and cruise in them.

I also ski with a 9-year-old grandson who is deaf and on the autism spectrum. He’s in his third season and a fair skier. At this year’s special winter olympics races he took two silver medals. But skiing with him can be strenuous because it’s slow, often wedging. The Apex MC-X’ were solid performers when I had to ski backwards in front of my grandson while communicating in American Sign Language.

Fit notes—

Apex’ comfort and fit claims are not exaggerated. I have a wide, high-volume, size 10 foot, which may be at the outside of Apex’ fit range. I was able to refit the Apex MC-X liner by “cooking” it a bit and wearing it with a couple of sock tips under my ski socks to stretch the width. There were mild pressure points at the outside of my insteps where the front straps connect to the frames. Those pressure points worked themselves out in a couple of days’ skiing.

Lastly, they are indeed all-day boot. I put the boots on at home, drive to the mountain, ski all day, and then drive home in them.
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From : New York
Date :
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Easy to fit
  • Has a high flex rating (adjustable too).
  • No more trips to the boot fitter.
  • I can wal around the lodge in comfort.
  • I can walk up and down stairs in comfort without fear of falling.
  • I can ski just as well with these as in my old boots.
  • I like the colors.
  • I can walk in the parking lot in my inner boots.
  • I don't need to see my bootfitter any longer.
  • I doubt I will ever need to deal with any other boot company ever again in my whole life!
  • I cannot say enough about these boots and I am not associated with Apex in any way.
  • High initial cost ( but this is an investment in comfort).
  • I do not get to see my boot fitter as often.
  • All terrains.
  • Suitable for advanced to expert skiiers.
  • For those who desire comfort.
  • Also good for those who are not advanced.
Excellent boots! Glad to make the switch from cold hard boots.
For too many years I have been dealing with custom bootfitters to make my feet comfortable in some very well known boots. I have tried 3 different brands and 2 different boot fitters and I must say the bootfitters were excellent. They knew their stuff. But I was not easy to fit. I do not think anyone is easy to fit. But when I got these boots right out of the box these fit beautifully. I took them to my bootfitter for assistance mainly because he could more readily heat them for fast warming of the foam in the inner boot, but I really did not need to do that. I mainly wanted to know what he thought of these boots and I wondered if I could actually just put on a pair of boots without his assistance. He assured me that I could truly do without his assistance. He made sure my stance was correct and he looked at all the things that bootfitters look at and he pronounced me ready to use the boots without any further assistance on his part. So I skied on these for almost 30 days last year in the East (which was not easy to do in the 2015-2016 winter of no snow in the East) but I work as an instructor and stayed on my feet all day in comfort. These boots provide all the support I need to ski any sort of terrain or condition at all skill levels. I was so impressed with them I have ordered a pair of Apex's new 3 buckle boot, and I am sure I won't be disappointed. My bootfitter now sells these boots in his store and highly endorses them and hopes I will send folks his way who are tired of having painfull, cold feet yet still want no compromise in their boots.
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  • Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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Questions & Answers
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Q: Can I use my Zip Fit liners in the Apex boots?
Asked : Mar 22, 2017
By : Jack, United States
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Apex boots have a heat moldable liner that is a bit softer and plusher than a Zip Fit. I have never tried to put a Zip Fit Liner in an Apex. I would say as long as it fits inside the shell without moving around it would be good to go. The only way to tell would be to put one in and see how it feels.
Answered : Mar 22, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: Can I do heat molding at home ? Is it necessary?
Asked : Mar 17, 2017
By : Tony, Canada
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:While heat molding is not necessary for these boots it is highly recommended. Over time you body heat will mold the liner, but the heat molding process is much more immediate. This process requires a particular boot oven or liner stacks and should not be done at home.
Answered : Mar 18, 2017
By : Thom
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