5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates 2017

$150.00 (33% off)
5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates 2017, , 600
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$150.00 (33% off)
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Skill Level: Intermediate - better materials to aid in progression

Intermediate - better materials to aid in progression

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Ventilation: Low - little to no breathability, good for leisurely skating

Low - little to no breathability, good for leisurely skating


Made to be quick and maneuverable with the 5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates. You will be able to snake through obstacles on the streets and through the park. If your playground is the concrete jungle then these skates were made for you. The 5th Element ST-80 skates are quick and comfortable and are a great skate for navigating the concrete jungle.

  • Ratcheted Ankle Strap
  • Rockered Frame

Skate Type Urban Skate Cuff Height High Skate Closure System Traditional Laces
Closure System Laces and Ankle Strap Maximum Wheel Size 80mm Wheel Configuration 80mm - 80mm - 80mm - 80mm
Wheel Durometer 84A Bearing Grade Performance Bearing Type ABEC 7
Skate Frame Material Performance Composite Materials Frame Material Aluminum Ventilation Low
Brake Included? No Size Adjustable No Special Features Scuff Guard
Model Year 2017 Model Number A65 40 Product ID 383168
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May 25, 2017

out of 5

These are very professional looking skates! The securement in two sections of the boot make it a very good fit for me. The wheels are very large making it very easy for me to skate, turn, stop and balance in these when skating. I will us...Read More
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December 17, 2016

out of 5

I am a beginner, how hard are these skates? I would like to use them at the rink. If I wanted it not to be rockered, what wheel size should I put in the middle 2 wheels?
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Oh snap!.
July 17, 2016

out of 5

It's been about 8 years since I skated and I couldn't be more happy.
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Questions & Answers
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Q: I am looking to start skating. Are these a good beginner's choice?
Asked : Jul 08, 2017
By : beginner1, Perth, Western Australia
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:If you're looking to start skating and need an urban skate this is a great choice. If you're beginning to skate recreational or for fitness I'd recommend the Rollerblade Zetrablade or K2 Kinetic 80 since these are going to be a bit more comfortable overall with a softer boot style. Urban skates are great for skating in city settings or those looking for a more aggressive style skate but can be a little stiff for everyday skating. Think of the type of skating you are going to do most often. I personally have a pair of each depending on what I'm feeling that day.
Answered : Jul 10, 2017
By : Chris
Q: What does rockered setup mean?
Asked : Jun 25, 2017
By : Weenz, Temecula
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Rockered in skates means that although all 4 wheels on the skate are the same size the skates when laid flat on the wheels will only have 2 wheels touching flat. The frame is set up in such a way that when flat the 2 middle wheels touch and the front and back wheels do not, this gives the skates better cornering ability. Although not for everyone, most find that once you skate on a rockered skate for a few times out you will get used to it and begin to love the cornering capability.
Answered : Jun 26, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Are these UFS and could I put a grind plate under these
Asked : May 30, 2017
By : Gogo, IL
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:The frame is removable and appears it would work fine with a UFS frame. There are currently no aftermarket grind plates available for this skate model.
Answered : May 30, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Whats the size of the wheels Screws? I lost one and i need a replacement but i don't know which one is the right size of the screw. Thanks Asap!!!!!
Asked : May 11, 2017
By : Divad824, Kissimmee Florida
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Give customer service a call or email, 888-421-6836 or customer@inlineskates.com - These are fairly unique axles so it's best to get the exact same, customer service will be able to have one sent out to you.
Answered : May 12, 2017
By : Chris
Q: I'm really into these skates and I might buy them but I'm comparing them to some recreational skates and I'm not sure which to purchase so I have some questions: I want to use my skates for off ice training so like for balance and fitness, are these good skates for spins, choreography, and jumps? Also are these skates good for long distances because I want to use them for cardio (instead of running).
Asked : Feb 19, 2017
By : dinner1sReady, san francisco ca
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:These are urban style skates and are great for spins and such as they have a shorter wheelbase and smaller wheels. With the short wheelbase and smaller wheels you get great control over the skates including doing spin maneuvers and sharp turns, etc. Now for the second part of the question, yes you can use these skates for long distances but they are not ideal. You really need 2 different skates for doing these very different types of skating. What makes this a good skate for the first type of skating make this a not so good skate for the 2nd type. The smaller wheels are not going to take you to a great top speed so for long distances you are a tortoise and not a hare, you'll get there but slower.
Answered : Feb 20, 2017
By : Chris
Q: I'm a 16 year old female and I'm looking to get into skating. I've skated with my friends recreational skates before and they were ok but the size was a bit off. I wear a size 8.5 women's shoe. So what size should I get exactly. Also, I understand the diffrent types of skates and I'm looking to get into some tricks after I get used to the skates. How do these handle with grinding?
Asked : Jan 07, 2017
By : Hayley, Florida
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:These skates are sized in men's sizing so you'd want to take a full size smaller than your shoe size in these skates. These are urban style skates and do offer a smaller wheel size and a shorter wheelbase meaning you can do some aggressive skate maneuvers with them but they are not set up for grinding. For that you will want to go with an actual aggressive skate, all those skates are currently sized in men's sizing so you will want to drop a full size from your standard shoe size.
Answered : Jan 09, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Can i get that skate in a size 72mm wheel
Asked : Oct 29, 2016
By : Greg, Foxborough MA
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:This skate currently doesn't come with 72mm wheels but nothing is going to stop you from downsizing the wheels to that size. The maximum wheel size is 80mm but you'll have no issue swapping the size 80mm for 72mm. Just make sure to keep all the wheels the same size, so if you swap out to 72mm just replace all the wheels with that size.
Answered : Oct 31, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Is there a weight limit to skates cause i a bigger guy ad want to skate again what woud you recommend?
Asked : Aug 19, 2016
By : Drew, Portland
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Skate manufacturers don't post weight limits for their skates but as a bigger skater myself I can recommending spending some extra money for a more supportive skate. I personally skate on the Rollerblade Maxxum 9o's which are basically a hulked out version of this skate. The ST-80 is a great intro to urban style skates but might not offer the support a bigger skater is going to need. I would shoot for some higher end K2 or Rollerblade urban skates, these will offer a stiffer frame, and a more durable boot setup.
Answered : Aug 22, 2016
By : Chris
Q: What if I don't like the Rockered setup? is it possible to change the frame?
Asked : Jul 21, 2016
By : stephane, Brooklyn NY
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:The rocker set up is permanent, but the frame can be removed and a different frame can be used.
Answered : Jul 21, 2016
By : Chris
Q: How the **** do you loosen the lower straps, I read the previous comment and to that did no help, the only mechanism that makes sense is how to tighten it and not how to loosen. jesus.
Asked : Jul 19, 2016
By : stephane, Brooklyn NY
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:To release the strap you will need to pinch it and push down. If you are having issues feel free to contact customer service at 888-271-7500 and they can further assist you.
Answered : Jul 20, 2016
By : Chris
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