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2014 Full Tilt Rumor Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Rob from joined today by Jeff our Full Tilt rep. Jeff, thanks for being here. So, today we're talking about a brand new boot from Full Tilt - The Rumor.


So new, in fact, that we don't even have the boot here to talk about so what's the, kind of, the first thing that jumps out at you about the Rumor? Well, the Rumor is designed for our performance all-mountain skier, woman. And what's neat about our women's boots is that the back cuff is a little bit lower and it's a little bit more open so it's more comfortable for women. We use a different liner, a plush liner we call it, which is softer. It's fur-lined so when you put your foot in it feels really comfy. And still though that same classic Full Tilt look. That classic Full Tilt shell. It is. It's our Full Tilt Original shell, the FTO, with our ratchet buckles. It's a 99 last so it's a perfect width and it's the full intuition liner so it's heat-moldable custom fit. You can mold it while skiing or you can mold it at the store. For sure.


And, it's a, kind of, a middle of the road as far as flex goes, right? Yeah, it's a 6 flex which makes it sort of an all-mountain, do everything. If somebody wants to ski in the park, gets the right flex. If they want it for women, if it's all-mountain flex they want that's perfect and obviously with the rest of the Full Tilts they can change the tongue out if they ever wanted a stiffer flex or a softer flex. For sure. And still the same classic buckles, right, that you're getting? Yeah, it's the original ratchet buckles on the Rumor Boot as well. And so who is the customer for the Rumor? I would say the Rumor is for that freestyle skier or the all-mountain skier that just wants a good price-point boot that's comfortable, warm and wants to ski the whole mountain. Perfect. Well, there you have it - The Rumor from Full Tilt. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. Sure. I'm Rob from and this has been Ski Talk.

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