2014 Blizzard Bonafide Ski Review

Reviewed by Trey R. (Skis.com Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Trey here with Blizzard's Bonafide. I give this ski 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you're aggressive, and big and powerful skier, you're going to absolutely love it, you'd probably give it 5 stars. I'm not quite that big, but I really did enjoy how stable and powerful the ski is. I think if you ski like, in the Sierra's or the Northwest, where you get a lot of heavy, thick snow, you're going to really like this ski, because it'll power through anything. Very stable, quick enough under foot to get you through about any situation, but definitely a demanding ski.

 Our Price: $559.92 | Retail Value: $850.00 (Save 34%) Trey R.'s Review Rating:  


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