2013 Line Influence 115 Ski Review

Reviewed by Hunter (Skis.com Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey it's Hunter here, I just got off the LIne Influence 115, and I give this ski 5/5 stars. Lines lineup this year is incredible. Skied this ski in firmer conditions then a little bit of variable mix snow. The first thing I thought was this ski is performing way better then it should considering how hard the snow was. Rips groomers, rips firm snow, lots of taper so you don't hang the tip up when it gets softer, and cruddy. Just a great all around ski for the charger who wants something that's still loose and playful.

 Our Price: $349.91 | Retail Value: $940.00 (Save 63%) Hunter's Review Rating:  


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