2012 K2 A.M.P. Impact Ski Review

Reviewed by Kevin (Skis.com Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Kevin I just got off the brand new K2 Impact this isthe baby brotherto the Rictor you lose a little bit of stability and a little bit of pop here because you lose the metal in the ski but overall still a very good ski its a very nurturing ski it's forgiving good for that advancing intermediate to low-end advanced skier that on a budget really good ski here gray edge grip stability quick edge to edge little bit of rocker and the tip Jurgen and get some float in the powder the cruddy snow makes it turn very easier transition so the ski gets four and a half out of five stars from me

 Our Price: $524.96 | Retail Value: $950.00 (Save 45%) Kevin's Review Rating:  


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